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Pretty good site with all candidates:

Governor: Gavin Newsome vs. John H. Cox

No new research here from me. It's Gavin Newsome. He wasn't my first pick of Democrats, but no chance in hell I vote for a GOP Governor to continue to prop up the Cheeto administration.

Lt Governor: Ed Hernandez vs. Eleni Kounalakis

  Eleni Kounalakis Election Website: - Eleni Kounalakis is a California businesswoman, a wife and the mother of two teenage sons, and the former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary under President Barack Obama. Eleni was raised the proud daughter of an immigrant father who started out as a farmworker, and she believes in the values of hard work, education and political activism.

  Ed Hernandez Election Website:

  State Senator Ed Hernandez is running for Lieutenant Governor to make the California Dream a reality for all our working class families throughout this state. From San Diego to Humboldt and every community in between, he will continue to expand access to healthcare, lower the cost of prescription drugs, protect our environment, and make higher education more accessible and affordable. Senator Hernandez will keep fighting for our working families.

  Articles found on-line:

  Democrats love to talk about getting big money out of politics. So if big money in politics is your issue, here's a challenge: Which Democrat do you vote for lieutenant governor?

  Do you vote for Eleni Kounalakis? Her father, wealthy Sacramento developer Angelo Tsakopoulos, gave nearly $5 million to an independent committee supporting her. One of her opponents in the June primary, former Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, snarked: "Most dads might think about buying their daughter a pony. In this case, a dad wants to buy his daughter an executive seat."

  Kounalakis told The Chronicle that her father, a self-made immigrant from Greece, doesn't want anything in return. "He is just proud of me," she said. "He wants me to win so I can help other families to walk the pathway of the American dream the same way." Her campaign points out that 44 percent of her 3,000 donations are for $100 or less.

  Your other choice: state Sen. Ed Hernandez of West Covina (Los Angeles County) who, like Kounalakis, is a Democrat. A Sacramento Bee analysis found that Hernandez was the top recipient of drugmaker money in the Legislature since 2011, accepting at least $207,411 from pharmaceutical firms and their interests. In the campaign he's received most of his money from labor organizations and health care interests.

  Excerpt:  A Sacramento Bee review of Hernandez's political contributions and voting patterns, however, suggest a mixed record of taking on the drug companies. Between 2011 and this June, Hernandez, who chairs the Senate Health Committee, accepted at least $207,411 from drug-makers and their interests, including $11,200 from Pfizer. Mylan Laboratories PAC wrote him a $1,500 check in 2008, state records show.  Hernandez has been the Legislature's top recipient of drug-maker money since 2011, far ahead of the second-highest recipient, Republican Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, who received $152,939. Maienschein's San Diego-based district includes many leading life science industry firms.

Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner vs Ricardo Lara

  Poizner is exp-GOP'er trying to act as independent. Not much recon needed here.

  Ricardo Lara:


  Insurance commissioner candidate Steve Poizner is shunning partisanship in his bid to become the first no-party-preference candidate to win statewide office in California. But to pay for his campaign, the former Republican has turned to people he knows best when it comes to raising money: Republicans.

Judicial - Article

  Found a great link that basically makes all the picks I would have made...but saved me some time. I verified that first few myself to make sure I was inline with the writes beliefs...